​Breaking news: A questionable call went in favor of the ​Patriots.

In other news: the sky is blue, and grass is green. 

While the Patriots getting favors from the refs is hardly a secret, this reversal of a Patriots false start into a Titans neutral zone infractions even had the guys in the booth for CBS scratching their heads. 


Amongst the confusion, disarray, and disgust of the events that just unfolded on the gridiron, Steelers cornerback ​Joe Haden had the simplest, yet most appropriate, response to the debacle.


That series of events wasn't even worth a word, yet alone a complete sentence. A pair of eye emojis was the only reasonable response, as if to say "I see you, refs".

With a full half still to play in Gillette Stadium, maybe we can still get a few more emojis out of Joe.