​The Tennessee Titans are getting blatantly screwed here. 

The officiating in this playoff game has been incredibly controversial so far, as the Patriots have gotten some incredibly odd calls in the first half of this one. It all started with a phantom offensive pass interference on Eric Decker that killed a Titans drive, and only got weirder from there. 

A couple drives later, the Titans seemingly had the Pats stopped at 4th and 5 well within their own territory. The Pats seemed to jump, and a false start was called. However, after a refs huddle, they called a neutral zone infraction, and gave New England a first down. 

Tennessee's Twitter account had the perfect reaction. 

​​Yeah, that about sums it up right there. 

Those two incredibly questionable calls led to two scores from the Pats, giving them a 14-point lead at home. 

Where have we heard this one before?