When the Yankees traded for Giancarlo Stanton this winter, they basically sealed the deal for every division title in the foreseeable future — unless another team in the AL East stepped up their game. By a lot. 

The ​Red Sox, like several other ball clubs this offseason, have been relatively quiet this off season outside of resigning first baseman Mitch Moreland. 

But if the BoSox want to make a splash this winter and give the Yankees a run for their money, there's one possible move they could make to rock the East as well as the entire American League:

Swing a trade for ​Miguel Cabrera.

It's a solution that basically makes you think why this trade didn't happen yesterday. Or three weeks ago for that matter. 

Red Sox GM Dave Dombrowski's roots run deep in Detroit, and his connections could possibly get trade talks for the perennial MVP candidate rolling. 

Okay, so now that Dombrowski has opened up trade a conversation with Tigers GM Al Avila, what does Detroit ask for?

Jackie Bradley Jr? Probably not. Mookie Betts? Hell no. Detroit wants that money off their books.

Dombrowski now has the job of packaging Cabrera as a salary dump for an aging player who is entering the second year of a downhill slide. He's doing Avila a favor by taking him off his hands so he's not stuck with an aging slugger who hit .249/.329/.399 in 2017.

If Cabrera really is done for, perhaps some prospects in the 5-10 range get the job done compared to the Red Sox' top three or four prospects if he's at 100-percent. Either way, buying low with Cabrera could be well worth it.

For starters, Cabrera has almost zero history of injury, and mostly all of that has come this season due to unlucky back injuries. If an offseason of rest resets his back and brings him back to his MVP form, a potential trade could be as big a steal as the Stanton trade was for the Yankees. 

So if Boston really is looking to make a splash this season, look no further than Miguel Cabrera.