Anytime you see CC: @OldTakesExposed, you know you're in for a treat. ​

The Philadelphia Eagles ​shocked the world. Despite being the top seed in the NFC, owning home field advantage on the path to the Super Bowl, the Falcons were the ​heavy favorite going into their Divisional Round matchup. 

However, a solid performance from Nick Foles and some amazing defense gave the Birds the win, and the Eagles made sure to go right at ESPN for their predictions earlier today. 

​​Well, you can't say they don't deserve it. 

Honestly folks, how could you count out the hometown team this much? Sure, Nick Foles didn't look great leading up to this game, but were the Eagles ever really that bad? Not bad enough to be underdogs like that. 

Philly loved playing with their backs against the wall, so they'll happily play through the same expectations next week as well it seems, with a Tweet ready to go for when they prove people wrong.