​What in the hell were they thinking?

The Atlanta Falcons got the ball back with just over four minutes to go facing a five-point deficit. With relative ease, the team drove down the field and found themselves within the 10 yard-line with over a minute to go. 

What followed was a sequence of ridiculous play calling that ​cost the team the game, ending with an overthrown pass to a covered Julio Jones on the final play. 

What in the world were they thinking there?

The final play was some ridiculous concoction of a sprint option, ​​plus a fade route to Julio Jones in the corner of the end zone. At 4th and 2 near the goal line, you simply don't pull out a strange call like that, especially with this Eagles defense. 

That, not to mention a panic shovel pass that nearly resulted in a turnover on second down of the same drive. 

​​It wasn't as bad as the Seahawks infamous goal-line choke, but it was certainly up there. 

​​Think the Falcons are missing Kyle Shanahan right about now?