5 Takeaways From the Eagles Epic Win Over the Falcons

What. A. Game.

All week, the feeling around the league was that the No. 6 seeded Falcons had an upper hand against the No. 1 team in the NFC due to injuries. However, Philly showed up in this one ready to fight, and slugged their way to an epic 15-10 win at home. Here's what you need to know. 

5. Tevin Coleman Needed More Touches

Tevin Coleman averaged nearly eight yards a carry on nice touches. Devonta Freeman averaged less than a yard on 10 touches. The Falcons needed to get Coleman going from start to finish, and simply did not get him the ball enough in this spread. 

4. Home Field Advantage Was Key

The fans in this game were spectacular from start to finish. With every call, you could hear the reactions, good or bad, from the stands. With so much motivation coming from the stands, the Eagles definitely had some extra juice against this Falcons squad. 

3. The Falcons Struggle in the Elements

It's proven time and time again, the Falcons do not do well in the elements, specifically when it's cold and windy outside. They're a dome team, and they do best in either indoor settings, or warm weather stadiums like Los Angeles. Atlanta just couldn't get it going in the cold. 

2. Nick Foles is Finally Adjusted

The talk of the game the entire week leading up to this matchup was Eagles QB Nick Foles and his struggles in the final games of the regular season. Despite low expectations, Foles lived up to the hype and did a fine job in replacement of superstar QB Carson Wentz. He wasn't spectacular, he didn't save the game, he did exactly what he had to do: manage. 

1. The Eagles Defense Makes Them a SB Contender

This Atlanta Falcons offense was touted as one of the best in the playoffs, and the Philadelphia Eagles just held them to 10 points, including an epic goal-line stand in the final minutes of the game to seal a win. No matter what happens, if this defense is on, the Eagles can win.