Luke Walton ​has a bright future as a head coach in the NBA. His present, however, is far murkier.

​Yes, everyone knows that the Los Angeles Lakers are rebuilding. Not only are they not playoff contenders in the West; they're actually nothing more than mediocre on their very best day. But leave it to LaVar Ball to poison just about everything he touches.

The ubiquitous, gratingly annoying basketball patriarch has been sounding off on his oldest son's head coach of late, ​suggesting that Lakers players have quit on him. Luckily for Walton -- and the subset of basketball fans that qualify as sane -- front office executive Magic Johnson has given the coach a full vote of confidence.

Furthermore, majority owner Jeannie Buss took to social media to reiterate her ​support for Walton as well.​​

Notice a theme here?

Honestly, before the Lakers even agreed to select Lonzo Ball No. 2​​ overall in this past year's draft, team brass should have sat him and his bloviating dad down in a room and made ol' LaVar sign a sworn agreement that he won't publicly criticize or undermine any Laker players, coaches, executives, or ownership. That ship has obviously sailed, but it's good to see Buss and Magic getting behind ​their guy.

Surely there will be more shoes to drop, as LaVar Ball is incapable of ever shutting up. But as it stands, the Lakers should take heart from the fact that they're on a modest winning streak. That's good enough for now.