There may be silver linings in this situation, but it's still rough at its core. 

Steelers star linebacker Ryan Shazier has been fighting with every ounce of his being to get back to health. The talented player suffered a ​devastating spine injury after a scary hit against the Bengals back in Week 13, and has been wheelchair-bound ever since. 

However, that hasn't stopped him from being there for his brothers along the way. Shazier has made ​his way to games, practices, and everything in between for his teams, and is serving as a motivation for them, even in his absence. 

To commemorate that, the NFL produced a touching tribute to him.

​​That'll give you chills all day.

To make it even more of a tough video, Shazier tweeted out the perfect response, not even using a word to convey his emotion. 

​​Shazier is still a leader for this team, but you know he would give anything to be out there with his brothers.