​UCF isn't the ​national champion, sorry. That title belongs to Alabama whether we like it or not.

The Knights did have one hell of a season, however, finishing undefeated with a ​Peach Bowl win over Auburn, a squad that previously beat both teams that squared off for the CFP National Championship.

UCF took that one in stride, proclaiming themselves national champs anyway in a marketing campaign for the ages. 

And in their basketball matchup against Auburn today, Mississippi State fans took that troll and ran with it.

It's a bold move from a school that not only got wrecked by Auburn this football season, but also lost their coach to a mediocre Florida squad. 

​​This is a valid clap-back.

This SEC basketball season has been full of surprises, including the fighting Cowbells (we know that's not their real name), who sit at 13-3. Auburn, in the meantime, is ranked after a shocking win streak that has them in the middle of the conference title race.