After a series of cakewalks against tinpot competition in the exhibition "Big Baller Showcase," LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball finally got ​their first proper taste of the Lithuanian Basketball League.

Against bigger, stronger, and more experienced competition, they were absolutely terrible. 

When the final whistle blew Saturday, the brothers' BC Vytautas team had fallen 95-86 on the road at Lietkabelis. And they combined to shoot 0-7 and score zero points.


​Does that mean they're not big ballers?

Coming off a combined 29-point performance against teenage Lithuanian prospects, it was almost certain that LiAngelo and LaMelo would fall back to earth. But to put up a fat goose egg in the most anticipated Lithuanian league game of all time speaks volumes. 

Sure, nobody's expecting these two ever to make it in the NBA one day, but tossing up brick after brick in the Baltic? That's a terrible look no matter who you are.

Look at it this way: for the younger two Ball brothers, there's nowhere to go but up.

In the meantime, expect ​their dad to start blaming everyone but those actually responsible.