​Maybe it's actually because Andy Reid is their coach?

It's been a long time since the Chiefs had any kind of playoff success beyond last season's Wild Card win. While they brought in ​Andy Reid to change the culture, the improvements have been marginal in the big picture.

It's clear that something tangible to be done to ​break the cycle of mediocrity, but in the meantime, more than a few Chiefs fans are suggesting a decidedly different explanation for their team's struggles.

Some fans are literally questioning whether or not Arrowhead Stadium is cursed. 

What seems far more likely is that this is as far as Reid is going to take Kansas City. He just doesn't have a track record of playoff success, barring a single Super Bowl loss as head coach of the Eagles more than a decade ago.

It makes sense to give Reid one more season with quarterback Patrick Mahomes on hand to see if something might change. But after that, it might be time to thank Reid for all he's done and move on to a new coach.

Would that be so bad?