​Sammy Sosa retired from baseball back in 2007, and even though he was a fan-favorite and an icon for this franchise, the Chicago Cubs haven't welcomed him back in any capacity.

Well, that could change if he does one thing: be honest about his career and "put everything on the table" in regards to PED use.

"Players from that era owe us a little bit of honesty," Cubs owner Tom Ricketts said Saturday during the team's annual fan convention. "The only way to turn that page is to put everything on the table."

Even though Sosa never failed a drug test, there is heavy suspicion he juiced, especially since he became one of the greatest power hitters of all time out of nowhere, putting together three seasons of 60-plus home runs -- which is an MLB record -- and was the NL MVP in 1998.

Ricketts believes we should have some sympathy for that era of baseball, but he wants the players to be honest about what happened, including the franchise's all-time home run leader.

The Cubs have been very aggressive in bringing former players around in recent years, especially when it comes to their fan convention during the offseason. But Sosa hasn't been invited and won't be unless he comes clean about his playing career.

Okay, Sammy. The ball is in your court now.