​We've known this for a while now, but can they stop him from ripping seams?

It seems like it's time for everyone to ​take shots at Tom Brady, as it's been open season on the favorite to win the MVP award this year. Some of those shots were reasonable, while others were ​strange

Kevin Byard's were sensible, but it doesn't mean he has a shot at stopping Brady in their playoff showdown. 

Byard called out Brady's inability to throw deep over the middle of the field, something that's become more than a little obvious over the past few years. 

Given the season Byard's had this year, it might be wise for him to avoid the All Pro safety anyway. 

Here's the thing: Dick LeBeau is going to go zone-heavy, it's what he does. Brady will pick apart that zone defense, mostly calling on Rob Gronkowski when needed. Byard mentioned that, and it's tough to see Tennessee having an answer for it. 

There's a reason they're two touchdown underdogs. Probably not smart to call out Brady, either.