It's safe to say Derek Jeter's honeymoon phase is over.

​Miami Marlins fans never really supported this team in such big numbers in the past, but they are fired up ever since Derek Jeter and Co. bought the team and decided to trade several of their best players this winter, including the face of the franchise, Giancarlo Stanton.

Plenty of fans aren't going to sit idly by, especially Nicholas Moncaleano, who has started a petition called "Project Sunshine" with the hopes of removing Jeter and Bruce Sherman from their position as team owners.

Here's what Moncaleano said via SB Nation's Marlins blog, Fish Stripes:

​​“I heard a ton of bad things that the new ownership group would do once they took over,” he explained to Fish Stripes, “but despite the rumors, I gave them the benefit of the doubt.”

Then came the tidal wave of change. First, former Fish in the front office—Hall of Famers Andre Dawson and Tony Perez, World Series champions Jeff Conine and Jack McKeon—were removed from their advisory roles. Longtime television play-by-play broadcaster Rich Waltz lost his job at FOX Sports Florida. “I had enough and decided that I should start this type of movement” when the Giancarlo Stanton trade became inevitable, Moncaleano says.

​​The goal is to reach 1 million signatures on the petition, and as of right now, they are over 300,000 in one week.

Good for these fans voicing their displeasure (even though there wasn't this much disdain for Jeffrey Loria when he ran the franchise into the ground and put current ownership in this spot), but no quantity of signatures will force Jeter and Sherman out.

It's only been a couple months, so maybe fans should see how things play out over the longer term. But it is clear that Jeter and Sherman have made some decisions that are head-scratchers. This team was sub-.500 last year, but they still had the NL MVP and preeminent home run king in the heart of the lineup. Fans did nothing to show their support and cheer on this team either way.

Jeter may be in over his skis, but this movement solves nothing and only makes the team and the franchise look like an ever bigger laughingstock.