Hey, looks like the security guard enjoyed himself, too. 

The Golden State Warriors are still runaway favorites to be NBA champions this year, but they aren't quite ​as dominant as they could be. Still, having Kevin Durant is a nice way to offset any major injury, even one to ​Steph Curry.

And on Friday night in Milwauke, Curry and Durant had some fun at the expense of a security guard.

KD was working during shootaround and getting himself warmed up. He sank a big three before running to the baseline and using the security guard to simulate an inbounds play with a turnaround jumper. 

Steph seemed to be a big fan of the play, cracking up and celebrating with Durant. Even the security guard seemed to have a chuckle about it. There was clearly no malicious intent behind it, so why not have a laugh?

Frankly, the better Curry and Durant play, the more people he'll have to protect them from, so this all only makes sense.