​Yu Darvish has been all over the place this offseason.

It's actually been somewhat refreshing. In the snail-paced offseason we are currently stuck in (thanks, Scott Boras), Yu Darvish has been a point of a lot reports that have kept us barely hanging on this offseason . 

Lately, his Twitter account has been a microcosm of what we have all been thinking this entire offseason: ​what the hell is going on?? 

First, Darvish announced that he had received no contract offer from the Yankees. Five hours later, he announced that he HAD received a contract offer from the Yankees, but the numbers were wrong. 

Then, Bryan Hoch confirmed on Twitter that the Yankees made no offer of any kind, they were just in talks. 

All this happened within hours, and when potential suitor Theo Epstein was asked about Darvish, he gave a great response. 

That might just end up confusing people even more, but hey, if it keeps everyone entertained until Spring Training, then I am all for it. 

What will be the next update on Darvish? Epstein will be refreshing his Twitter account like the rest of us for any breaking news.