​Yu Darvish needs to get his stuff straight. 

In an offseason perpetually slow as this one, fans don't deserve to be led on only to have things not be true when it's crunch time. It's happened with ​Gerrit Cole​J.D. Martinez, and now Yu Darvish is out here spreading rumors. 

Last week, Yu Darvish released a number of teams that had interest in him, including the Astros, Cubs, Rangers and Twins, as well as a mystery team that is believed to be the Dodgers. 

What's still up in the air is ​Yu Darvish's status with the Yankees, and I don't think even he knows what's going on. 

​​OK, so the Yankees made him an offer, but he got the numbers wrong, which is kind of important. But at least we know the Yankees made him an offer, right?? 


​​Oh....well then. 

Yikes. Yu Darvish, maybe you should leave your Twitter fingers out of this until you actually sign a contract. 

Actually, I'll just wait for updates from anyone but Yu Darvish.