​One of the things people often forget about celebrities and professional athletes is that they're human, just like the rest of us. They don't want to have all eyes on them when they're not on the big stage.

Some are willing to take pictures with fans, and others want nothing to do with fans, which is understandable. Tampa Bay Rays ​pitcher Chris Archer falls in the latter category.

Archer roasted a fan after he tweeted this at him.

Maybe it gets lost in translation, but this guy doesn't seem like one of Archer's biggest fans. "Biggest fans" don't call out their favorite players for a sub-par season.

Well, @alldayjorge couldn't hide behind the veil of social media for long, as Archer hopped onto Twitter to give this guy a piece of his mind. 

And he didn't hold back.

Nothing but respect for the Rays ace, who has every right to privacy regardless of who he is.