​Some wild news is coming out of Georgia Tech, and it only gets more wild the deeper it goes. 

Georgia Tech men's basketball coach ​Josh Pastner has accused an Arizona couple of extortion and blackmail. Pastner's attorneys are on the case, as they have filed a civil suit against the two who accused him of breaking NCAA rules.

​​In the lawsuit, Pastner's attorney's claim that the couple — former Tech booster Ron Bell and his girlfriend, Jennifer Pendley — “began a malicious campaign to defame Pastner" by threatening to release false information in order to not only damage his reputation, but also lose his job at Georgia Tech and be penalized by the NCAA.

Bell threatened to turn over information about NCAA violations in the ​Georgia Tech basketball program under Pastner to the media and NCAA. He also told a member of the NCAA enforcement that Pastner had sexually assaulted his girlfriend.

​​After starting the season 9-7, Pastner will now have to coach the Yellow Jackets with a constant cloud over his head surrounding Bell's allegations.

Hopefully this whole mess can be resolved without things getting even nastier. But something tells me there are more shoes to drop.