​Take a knee, gang.

​Folks, the NBA is always nuts, so any time a singularly nutsy thing happens, it rarely comes completely out of left field.

​But this is something else.

We all know that the Los Angeles Clippers need to blow everything up. We all know that they need a coach that's way, way better than Doc Rivers. But a recent report Friday suggests that they're trying to go for a serious moonshot the likes of which we could not have anticipated.

​​Blake for KAT! Seriously!!

We don't have all the details here, so we can't freak out as much as we would probably like just yet. Obviously, nobody in their right mind would take an injury-prone, 28-year-old Griffin straight up for a 22-year-old, sky's-the-limit Karl-Anthony Towns. But something is quite possibly in the primordial stages here.

And whatever it is, it would have the power to turn the Western Conference upside down.

The Timberwolves have no reason to deal, as they're riding high and finally getting it together. And while Towns' game still leaves much to be desired -- it would be nice if he chose to play defense -- you'd be hard-pressed to find a more valuable individual asset in the entire NBA.

​This is a wild one, folks. Stay tuned. More shoes are sure to drop.