While scaling in at over 25 feet long and weighing as much as 6,800 pounds, Stegosaurus, who roamed the plains of western North America during the late Jurassic period, had a brain only the size of a walnut. 

150 million years later, it also appears that another large animal has a walnut-sized brain.

Standing 6-4 and weighing 190 lbs., 76ers shooting guard ​J.J. Redick showcased his intelligence by saying that he isn't convinced that dinosaurs existed.


The Duke(!) product recently sat down with Kyrie Irving — who also went to Duke and believes ​the Earth is flat — to discuss a number of things on his podcast, which (of course) included conspiracy theories.

You actually really need to hear Redick's rationale on this one, because it's pretty mind-blowing to hear what's going on in his mind. 

Not only does Redick base his argument on when the word "dinosaur" was first created and questioning why humans with inferior technology weren't able to find any fossils until 150 years ago, Kyrie perfectly responded to Redick's theory with a confident, "I'm with you on that!"

If this isn't the perfect argument to abolish the "one-and-done" rule for college players, I don't know what is.