These days, pro teams release official statements at the slightest hint of controversy.

Just look at the Patriots, who put out a ​statement to remind everyone that every last thing was fine and dandy among the trio of Tom Brady, Bill Belichik and ​Robert Kraft (which is not something you'd do if things were actually fine and dandy, but that's besides the point).

So, when LaVar Ball ​publicly attacked Lakers head coach Luke Walton by saying that the team had checked out on him, it was strange to see that only rookie gunner Kyle Kuzma came to his defense. No statement. No nothing.

According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, it might be because the likelihood of Walton leaving the Lakers is real. 

And his replacement could very well be former Grizzlies coach David Fizdale.

​​Although Fizdale was unceremoniously fired from his position in Memphis earlier this year, he does hold a reputation of being a players' coach. And for a team with a potentially divided locker room, he could be just what the Lakers need for their young team. 

LeBron James, who is expected to be targeted by LA in free agency this summer, is also close with Fiz from his time as an assistant with the Heat.

Reunite the locker room? Great. Potentially get King James to join the team? It's a wrap. 

If Walton really is done, the Lakers need to sign this guy ASAP.