​The Tennessee Titans are going to need ​all of the help they can get if they want to ​beat the New England Patriots in the AFC Divisional Playoff tomorrow night.

However, it doesn't exactly look like they're off to a great start with that mission considering they couldn't even get their start out of Nashville done properly:

That's just painful. We've all been there, too: flight delays are potentially one of the most aggravating things on the planet. But a three-hour delay the DAY before your most important game of the season? That's just the universe spitting on you.

Or maybe it's just Pats head coach Bill Belichick back on some antics, doing what he does best?

With the Patriots, you really can't rule this possibility out.

Thankfully, the Titans were able to finally leave Nashville, and will have only a little bit of time to prepare before tomorrow night's matchup.

At this rate, the only way they can go is up!