​In this day and age, most people hold their smartphones as one of their most prized possessions. However, it seems like some people might care a little too much about their electronic devices. 

In what's now become a viral video clip, Utah Jazz star Rodney Hood mercilessly slapped a phone right out of a fan's hand as he got ejected from the team's matchup against the Washington Wizards last night.

Understandably, the fan was peeved. However, his request to security after the infamous slap might've been even more aggressive than the act itself:

Police action? Seriously? Obviously, Hood was playing with fire by going after someone else's goods. 

But asking for police action is ridiculous. Hood is already paying more than his fair share for the act with a $35,000 fine. 

There's no need to humiliate him even further by trying to get the men in blue involved.

Here's to hoping this will all just blow over.