Could this actually happen?

Gerrit Cole is one of the most coveted players in all of baseball now that the Pirates have put him on the market. While it really looked like he was going to the Astros ​for a moment, the Yankees are apparently ​still in the hunt

Apparently there's a third team in the mix now, and it's the Chicago Cubs. 

The Cubs have apparently checked in on Cole, and while they don't have the assets the Yankees or Astros do, they could potentially offer them more MLB-ready talent. 

However, this deal will be tough, primarily because Pittsburgh would likely drive up the asking price if they were going to trade Cole in the division. If Chicago's package is primarily major league talent, that's going to be a price too great to pay. 

The overwhelming likelihood is that Cole ends up with the Astros. If the Yankees won't center a package around Gleyber Torres, the Pirates will likely accept a similar package to what was almost agreed upon a few days ago. 

It'll be interesting to see where he ends up, though it's looking quite likely his days in Pittsburgh are about to end.