The countdown to the 2018 NFL draft started in September if you're from Cleveland, but the rest of us are just catching up now. With plenty of talk about ​overrated players, and guys who are ​declaring, draft season has begun.

Trenton Thompson is getting in on the fun, having declared for the draft. 

Thompson saw playing time as a freshman, and had a really good sophomore season before coming back down to earth a bit in his junior year. That's a common trend for a lot of guys, as they tend to see more double teams after their breakout year. 

This is a deep class of defensive tackles, and Thompson will still face some questions during the process about lesser production this season. He'll need a good combine to really stand out in this group, but the talent is there. 

He just needs to put it all together, and it'll take the right fit in the NFL to make that happen.