​Kentucky takes their high school basketball very seriously, but there's no way fans didn't crack a smile after this moment.

In the middle of a game in Madisonville, Kentucky, a referee lost his hairpiece due to an errant pass. We can't make this stuff up, please watch the video and try to hold your laughter.

This poor, poor man.

As embarrassing as this is, you have to give the ref credit for sticking with the play in the midst of the chaos occurring on top of his cranium.

And then, he has the nerve to place it back on his head as if nothing happened in the first place. At this point, everyone's seen your shiny bald head, I'm sorry. Might as well just roll with it.

And--I must say--that's one shiny crown. Is that vaseline?

It might be, which means he was ready for such an escapade. More than we were, at least.