The college basketball season is fully underway, and with football's national championship behind us, more and more eyes will be drawn to the sport. As the season progresses and things shake out, the overreactions and hot takes will soon flood the conversations.

The latest is the coaching ability of John Calipari due to his team's relative mediocrity so far this year. The legendary coach is a big proponent of the one-and-done system, as his teams are known for their ​large representation of freshmen players.

But if you're going to trash Calipari, don't do it in front of his daughter. Back in April, ​Erin Calipari, his oldest daughter, was in The Sports Turf when a bartender started bad-mouthing her father. 

​​Joseph Dalfonso, the bartender in question, ​recalled the incident this past week, and it's hilarious. 

As my rant continued, a woman sitting in a booth behind Mary, turned toward me and asked who I thought was a good coach. First guy to pop to my head was Mike Kryzewski.

Ok, yes I am a Duke fan but that’s not significant for this story.

She snickered at that statement and then proceeded to say Coach K can’t even get out of the first round of March Madness. I rebutted but she continued by bringing up Mercer, VCU, Lehigh. Not wanting to be remembered of previous heartbreaks, I cut her off by asking if she was UNC fan. I was ready to take her on in an epic debate about college basketball, knowing no UNC fan was a match for me. What she said next was completely unexpected.

“No, I’m John Calipari’s daughter.”

Who knows where the conversation went from there, but one thing's certain: make sure no relatives of the person you're dissing are within earshot.