5 Most Likely Landing Spots for Sam Bradford in Free Agency

With free agency approaching in just over two months, there's going to be an interesting quarterback market. With the likes of Kirk Cousins leading the way, there's also a quarterback debacle in Minnesota.  Case Keenum, Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford will all be free agents.

Bradford has been a Pro Bowl quarterback in his career when healthy, but injuries have been a consistent problem. They were again this season and it's unlikely he returns to Minnesota. He'll have suitors around the league and here are the top five most likely landing spots. 

5. Colts

Andrew Luck missed the entire 2017 season with a shoulder injury and while he's set to return, there's no telling if he'll hold up for 16 games. Bradford could act as a backup or even a starter if Luck is out. It wouldn't be a long-term commitment and the Colts aren't attached to any other young quarterbacks. Adding in a seasoned veteran never hurts and Bradford could be a nice insurance policy if anything. 

4. Redskins

The saga of Kirk Cousins has just begun. If we're hedging bets, my money would be on Cousins signing elsewhere like with the Cardinals or Broncos. The Redskins don't really seem to have a backup plan but Sam Bradford could be that. 

It's clear Bradford isn't the long-term solution but he could be a placeholder for one or two years before the Redskins can draft and develop a younger talent. He's a better option than most of the quarterbacks will find on the market and there won't be a big list to choose from in the first place. 

3. Dolphins

Much like the Colts, the Dolphins are in a similar quarterback situation. With Jay Cutler out the door after his mediocre season, Ryan Tannehill returns off a torn ACL. There was question about Tannehill's future with the Dolphins even before his injury but whether he starts or not, Bradford provides another insurance policy. We've seen Bradford thrive with receiver help and the Dolphins have that with Jarvis Landry, Devante Parker and Kenny Stills. 

2. Jets

Even despite breaking his hand toward the end of the 2017, 38-year-old Josh McCown expects to play another season in the NFL. He's set to be a free agent and his future with the Jets will be up in the air. If he isn't a realistic option, Bradford could replace him as a younger option. 

The Jets will have to decide something because it doesn't look like Bryce Petty nor Christian Hackenberg are the future under center. If it takes a couple million to bring in Bradford and have an experienced starter, then so be it. 

1. Cardinals

This seems to make the most sense for Bradford given the circumstances. With Carson Palmer's retirement  and no real option as a backup, the Cardinals need to find a quality starter. Blaine Gabbert, Drew Stanton and Matt Barkley aren't that. 

While it's expected to be a rebuilding year, the Cardinals will have weapons. David Johnson will be healthy and Larry Fitzgerald could return for one final season. The Cardinals are limited in cap space and Bradford could be a quarterback they can bring in for cheap.