Is Yu Darvish responsible for keeping the hot stove extremely cold?

While the Japanese right-hander is reportedly considering a number of teams in free agency, it's been said he's been made one hefty offer. 

Unfortunately for him, it was reportedly pulled because he took too long to decide. That's at least what one New York Yankees insider is saying.

We know general manager Brian Cashman is trying to make at least one more big move before the 2018 season -- particularly a starting rotation upgrade. Well, if this is true, it looks like he went for it all, offering Darvish $160 million, and honestly, it's pretty shocking the former Rangers and Dodgers pitcher didn't accept it.

That is a TON of money for a pitcher that faltered big time in his contract year, especially on the big stage in the postseason and World Series.

With no teams budging on the free agency front, one would think this is way more than what teams are likely willing to offer Darvish. Then again, we don't know the veracity of this report, considering it only came from Kay and there's been no follow from other reporters or insiders.

If true, this tells us two things: Darvish is either looking to get a ridiculously monster contract or has little desire to play in New York, and Cashman WILL NOT be jerked around by any free agent.