​The Vic Fangio saga seems to be coming to an end, as the deadline on his decision to stay with the Chicago Bears or go elsewhere is due by Friday. 

Fangio has been flirting with a possible exit to a division rival, but has yet to make any kind of a decision.

As a result, there's a deadline for his choice.

​​The Bears have made Fangio priority number one after they found their new head coach in ​Matt Nagy.

Retaining Fangio would be a big plus for the Bears, due to his experience as a trusted, solid defensive coordinator. 

Although the Bears finished in the bottom portion of the league in team defense, they did so with fairly young players. This shows Fangio's importance even more, because he can help guide the young skill players into taking the next step in their careers.

So, grab your popcorn and stay tuned as we all wait for Fangio's decision that seems to be coming in later in the day on Friday.