A picture's worth a thousand words.

But for ​Kyrie Irving, a picture of former teammate LeBron James chewing out his entire team on the sideline while they're down 25 is worth not only a like on Instagram, but a hilarious troll all over social media.

Irving's troll perfectly showcases any sentiments that still haven't dissipated since being traded from the Cavs to the Celtics last summer.  

Even funnier than Kyrie's troll was, obviously, the ​LeBron defenders on Twitter, which take the cake for being the most entertaining part of any sort of Cavs related media. 

Someone could cure an entire pig with the amount of salt that followed that like. 

Although it was funny when LeBron completely blew up on his entire team for their terrible performance against the Raptors, it's a little much that Kyrie Irving stayed up extra late to watch the meltdown, considering he's in London right now after the Celtics played the 76ers earlier on Thursday.

I guess props for that, though.