​Buckle up Yankees fans, this is starting to get real interesting.

A starting rotation of Luis Severino, Masahiro Tanaka, Sonny Gray, Yu Darvish, and CC Sabathia could be on the horizon. 

Brian Cashman has said some things that make the addition of ​Darvish seem like a legit possibility. 

There have been reports that the Yankees are upping their pursuit ​to rid themselves of some of the money left on Jacoby Ellsbury's contract. These moves definitely feel like they are connected, and Cashman made that pretty evident with his comments.

Any move for the Yankees is predicated on the fact that they must get under the luxury-tax threshold this season. By staying under, they will reset all of their penalties making it easier to spend on the great free agent class next year.

If the Yankees can add Darvish, along with what they already have done in trading for Giancarlo Stanton, and still manage to remain under the tax threshold, then Cashman deserves another raise.