​Jay Bruce had a big contract year in 2017, splitting time with the Mets and the Indians.

After such a productive compaign, he must have expected the phone to be ringing off the hook in free agency, but a slow market left him unsure as to where he would playing in 2018.  

​Now Bruce can rest easy, since he is back with Mets on a three-year deal. The deal is actually a very affordable one for the Mets, as they only gave him $39 million.

Apparently this deal was not affordable enough for the ​Giants to match it though, as it has been reported that they offered him an insulting low contract.

​​For just $10 million more split over three years, the Giants could have gotten a slugging left handed power hitter in his relative prime. When the Mets are out-bidding you, that's how you KNOW the offer is garbage. 

Instead, they'll have to look to potentially trade prospects to fill their needs in the outfield. 

Being cheap is usually a complaint from Mets fans, but now it is Giants fans that should be upset about the lack of spending from their club.