​Miami guard Dion Waiters may have already checked in for the final time in his 2017-18 campaign, and what a tough blow that would be.

The six-year man out of Syracuse is dealing with a bad ankle in the midst of the Heat's stellar start to the season, which only makes opting for season-ending surgery that much more difficult of a decision.

Waiters has currently sat out of Miami's last nine games, but that could stretch to being a lot more if he ultimately decides to do what's best for him in the long run.

​​Over Miami's last nine games without Waiters, the team has gone 7-2, having gotten key contributions from Wayne Ellington along the way.

Miami currently sits at fourth in the Eastern Conference standings and is trending upwards even without Waiters' 14.3 points per game.

The team seems to have enough continuity to be able to weather the storm, but for Waiters, continued success without him ​may not be the best thing for his future in Miami.