​The ​Yankees are desperate to rid themselves of one of the worst contracts they have signed in recent memory.

Jacoby Ellsbury simply offers the Yankees little to no value on the field going forward, but he is still owed $68 million over the next three years. Ellsbury also has a $5 million buyout on an option for an additional year of a deal that no one wants to pay.

To rid themselves of Ellsbury, the Yankees are willing to eat a massive amount of money in a trade.

​​​​If a team offered the Yankees a bag of baseballs to take half of that deal off their hands, Brian Cashman would take it in a heartbeat. 

There are teams like the ​Giants that have been rumored to have some interest in Ellsbury at the right price, the question is simply what that price will be. 

With Jay Bruce off the table, a move with the Giants is more likely for the Yankees. Bruce's deal with the Mets was for three years and $39 million, so if the Giants had that money on the table for Bruce they can now use it on Ellsbury.

If the Giants can get Ellsbury for no real prospects and only have to pay $8 or $9 million a year for him, it would be a good deal for a team still trying to contend. 

Hopefully the Yankees can rid themselves of the most expensive pinch runner in baseball history soon.