Oh boy! If the Detroit Pistons really value their future, then they might want to steer away from any trade involving their younger assets. 

While the Pistons need to make a move if they want to improve their playoff chances, such as ​trading for Julius Randle, it shouldn't ​come at the expense of their future. 

Unfortunately that might happen, as recent reports are claiming that teams are interested in Pistons' first-round pick, Luke Kennard. 

​​Although there isn't any indication that Detroit will pull the trigger on a trade involving Kennard, the Pistons have been linked to ​finding a power forward through trade. 


Kennard's season average of 6.4 points per game might not seem impressive, but the former Blue Devil is shooting 44.3 percent from the three-point line. 

​​The 21-year-old sharpshooter hasn't developed as well as other rookies, such as Donovan Mitchell or Jayson Tatum. However, that doesn't mean the Pistons should give up on him. 

If Detroit does end up moving Kennard, it needs to be for a game-changing player. Anything less than that means the Pistons would be jeopardizing their future for nothing.