​Sports fans love statistics. 

They like to dissect them and compare them. Someone on Twitter showed the comparison of ​Jimmy Garoppolo and Colin Kaepernick's stats over their last six games, and they're frighteningly close. 

​​Their completion percentage, pass yards, and passer ratings are as close as it gets, while their touchdown to interception rates are slightly different. 

What's crazy is they are two completely different quarterbacks in terms of their play style, yet their numbers are similar. 

What this stat doesn't show is wins and losses. In his last 6 games with the San Francisco 49ers, Kaepernick went 1-5. In Garoppolo's last 6 games, he's 5-1. And, the 1 loss he didn't even start, he just came in at the end of the game. That game was his 49ers debut, in which he went 2-for-2 and threw a touchdown pass. 

Garoppolo is also younger, and just getting used to being a starting quarterback in the NFL. 

The 49ers have responded nicely since​ they acquired Jimmy Garoppolo from the New England Patriots, going 5-0 with him as the starter. 

We can compare these two all we want, but the reality is Garoppolo fits the 49ers better at this point, and the team has rallied around him. The 49ers should have playoff aspirations for 2018 as long as Garoppolo is their quarterback. The guy has yet to lose a start in his career.