​Sweet Lou had himself a night against Golden State.

Williams put up 27 shots on the night and made 16 of them, drilling a career-high eight threes. 

Watch him go to town:

Yes, you read that right. He had 27 of is 50 in the third quarter.

W​​illiams has had an awesome year to this point in the season. Like most seasons, Lou Will has embraced the sixth man role off the bench and has had the green light to get buckets. He's putting up awesome numbers -- 22.9 points and 4.9 assists in his 31 minutes per game.

His teammates love what he's giving the team.

​​Williams seems to have these explosions every now and then, which lead to funky statistics. Sweet Lou is in the Clippers record books with another member of the greatest NBA names of all time. Any guesses?

​​Williams gets buckets. We'll see how far he can take the Clips if he keeps putting them up at this rate.