​Somebody call Rick James, because that was COOOLD-BLOOOOODEDDDDDD.

Utah's Rodney Hood is a shooter at heart, so you know he has good hands. But tonight against the Washington Wizard's, after the 25-year-old two-guard was ejected in the third quarter due to receiving his second technical foul, Hood put his hands to a very different use.

​​What did the five fingers say to the phone?


This sudden move by Hood was hilarious in its cruelty and impressive in its heartless nonchalance. He swung his hand with expert-level capriciousness, as if he didn't care if he even hit that damn phone at all. We're talking about a seriously half-hearted smackdown here. But smack it down he did, and for his troubles, Hood can expect a fine on top of simply getting the boot in this one.

Let us be the first to say that Rodney earned it.