NEWS FLASH: ​Alcohol is the basis for a lot of crazy things.

In that spirit (pun intended), it's no surprise here that maybe booze had something to do with former Cardinals coach Bruce Arians making news by suggesting that longtime Alabama head coach Nick Saban was a legitimate candidate to be the next head coach of the New York Giants.

In theory, that sounds like it would be a good idea, but was there ever truly any validity to Arians' claims?

I guess that depends on how much we believe alcohol truly played a part in all of this. The truth is still uncertain.


As reporter Jay Glazer's full Instagram comment reads:

"Sooooo about last night... had these two knuckleheads Bruce Arians and John Fox hit @rockandreillys with me to run up bar tab and oh by the way, after a few vodkas Arians said he was just messin w the world about #nickSaban to the @nygiants. Now,hmmm was that the Vodka talking? Bruce talking? Orrrr... a combo of the two hahahahaha. Oh and Foxie left a negative tip for the waiter and subtracted it from the bill. (Maybe the last part didn’t happen but it’s a great idea). #12strong #goodtimes#degenerates #stfuglazer"

It appears ​Arians is already getting his retirement off on the right foot, but he may have a couple more wild rumors to spread before it's all said and done.

Word to the wise-- please drink (and report) responsibly.