Is Icy Hot sponsoring the Pro Bowl this year?

The Pro Bowl is awful, and everyone is pretty forthcoming about saying that. It doesn't do a good job of ​representing every team, and it's also boring. Even the ​announcement of this year's roster didn't bring much hype to it. 

The NFL just dropped jerseys for the game, and they too, are terrible. 

Just when you thought everyone was putting the lowest possible amount of effort into the Pro Bowl, the league dropped these tops on us. These look like the kinds of jerseys you see in the franchise mode of a video game, when you're playing a 2024 All Star game or something. 

The solid blue and red are fine, but there's no pizzazz behind these uniforms. At least last year's uniform had a neon green trimming to it that made it seem like somebody was putting some effort into it. 

The fading orange and blue on the numbering really screams of Icy Hot. If they're not behind this, they should do everything they can to get in on it as soon as possible. Not that anyone will be playing hard enough to need Icy Hot after the game. 

Do better, NFL.