You've gone and done it now ESPN. 

For all the crap that has happened to your network in 2017, you decided that you must start 2018 by ruffling the feathers of New England Patriots fans across the nation?

As we all know by now, 10/10 times that does not end well for Patriots haters or opponents in those scenarios.

The whole Bill Belichick vs. Robert Kraft vs. Tom Brady report of a power struggle released by ESPN writer Seth Wickersham during the team's preparation for their Divisional Round matchup against the Tennessee Titans ended up in a slew of denials and further questioning of the initial accusations.

Naturally, Pats fans have been skeptical and defensive about the article since it was first released, and First Take host Max Kellerman didn't hold back his feelings toward fans who ripped him for believing in it.

Wow, Max, harsh words there guy. 

"Some of the dumbest fans in sports" with nothing but mockery afterward? If you wanted the hate tweets to stop, then this sure wasn't the best way to go about it. 

But don't get offended Pats fans, all this did, like the Wickersham report before it, was add more bulletin board material for the team when they take the field in Foxborough come Saturday. You know the home-field crowd will be roaring and we wouldn't be surprised if the team hangs up a 40-spot because of it.

If that happens, Kellerman may want to set his social media acounts to private for at least a week or so.