The world of Major League Baseball is about to be rocked by ​another suspension and investigation.

Sports agent Jason Wood finds himself in hot water now as he has been fired by his agency and suspended by the Major League Baseball Players Association for some undeniably questionable business practices.

And the use of the hidden camera is as sinister as we anticipated, according to initial reports.

Just disgusting and an absolutely bizarre way to flaunt your power and influencer; Wood was deservedly suspended by the Players Association, and his agency hasn't been returning calls all morning.

According to sources, a player was showing at Wood's home and caught the camera equipment, leading to spiraling accusations.

Wood founded a sports agency Arland Sports that was acquired by Career Sports Entertainment (CSE) last year. Jake Odorizzi, David Phelps and Andrew ​Benintendi are just a few of the big-name clients that Wood took with him over to CSE. 

It is unclear if these players will stay with CSE following Wood's firing or if they will seek out another agency. Regardless, this scandal is certainly going to rock certain segments of the game.