​In less than one hour, Pittsburgh Pirates starter Gerrit Cole was traded to the Houston Astros...and then ​he wasn't

Cole trade rumors have been rampant in recent weeks, and it's gotten to a point where everyone just wants a conclusion. This first tweet really illustrates what everyone is feeling.

​​Don't we all believe Cole will be traded? At this point, it wouldn't be shocking if Cole was dealt overseas, right? Nah, he'll probably sign an extension and be a Pirate for life.

​​This next tweet might be on to something.

​​That's a huge win for the Pirates. Who wouldn't want 20 percent of this bad boys?

One reason why this is rumor mill is get on our last nerves is because the reporting has been very shotty up to this point and has everyone confused.

Hell, Jon Morosi was pretty straight forward in his report that this deal had been consummated, and, well, people aren't happy with him and are calling him out. 

​​Especially this guy.

Take a look at this crazy timeline from today.

This one is pretty harsh, but it's accurate on this occasion.

I'm sorry to do it Mr. Morosi, but hit it Mr. President:

We all want this trade to happen, but damn. Better work on those sources cause they let you down, JP.