Just when we thought the Hot Stove gave us something good, it was over in the blink of an eye. 


Did you fall for it? Me too. 

​​Gerrit Cole is starting to feel like that mystery girlfriend your friend tells you he has, but has never actually introduced you to her, so you start to think she is not actually real. 

Literally over the course of an hour, the Astros ​made a deal for Cole, but then the ​deal fell through

I mean what the heck happened?

Who knows. But n​ow, in addition to the Yankees and the Astros, there is a mystery team in the running to trade for the right-hander. 

Ooooohh a mystery, just what this offseason needs, more waiting. The last three hours were the most exciting moments of the offseason other than when the ​Yankees traded for Giancarlo Stanton.

Now, Gerrit Cole talks have come to a halt once again. I mean who could this mystery team be?

Could it be the Cubs? But, who would they give away? They are also interested in Darvish. 

Could it be the Twins? They need a backup for Darvish, but who would they trade away? 

Find out on tomorrow's episode of the MLB Hot Stove!