College football coaches around the nation have spent their careers overworking older players in the face of adversity in order to keep redshirt freshmen, well, redshirted. But if the NCAA is willing to listen to coaches' demands, major changes could be coming to the way these players' cases are handled.

The ​​American Football Coaches Association meetings in Charlotte today and revealed that a coaches' consensus wants to allow redshirts to stand even if a player participates in as many as four games.

This change would mean that a coach can pop in a redshirt when plans fall through and starters are suddenly unavailable (injuries, suspensions, etc.) without totally burning the redshirt straight away. 

Saving a precious year of eligibility would be a big, big deal.

This would also mean that coaches can sit on their four and five star recruits all season, helping sharpen their skills, before letting them loose at the conference championship or bowl game. And, yes, they'll still get to be with the program for another four years of eligibility.

This could add a lot of necessary support to teams in a pickle during the regular season, and introduce some interesting wrinkles to game-planning at the end of the year when everything is on the line.

We're all here for this, college football coaches!

Hey, NCAA-- time to adopt this measure right away.