5 Things You Definitely Didn't Know About Michael Jordan

Once you're listed on the official NBA website as "the greatest basketball player of all-time," people tend to learn about you.

Fans know about MJ's love for cigars and golf, and his three retirements, two from basketball and one from baseball. But do you know everything about MJ?

Doubt it.

5. Jordan Wore Three Different Numbers in His NBA Career

Everyone knows about the iconic No. 23 that MJ rocked for his entire college career and most of his NBA career. Most Jordan fans also know that he wore No. 45 during the 1995. But very few know about the time Jordan's jersey was stolen out of his locker at a road game in Orlando, forcing him to wear an extra jersey, No. 12. Yeah, that looks weird. 

4. Jordan Not Making The Varsity Team is Only Half True

If you love MJ, you probably know Michael Jordan was cut from his varsity team, that he went home and cried, and that he mentally villainized his friend Leroy Smith, who made the team over him.

Well, Jordan was a 5-10 sophomore at the time, and he just didn't make the varsity team. He played on JV that season and put up a number of 40-point games.

The following summer, Jordan grew four inches, made the varsity team, and averaged more than 20 points per game. So the story is true, but not in the way that it's normally told.

3. Jordan Donated His 2000-01 Salary to 9/11 Charities

Jordan has the reputation of being cold and heartless, which might be why this is a lesser known fact about him, but MJ gave $100,000 to help children who lost their parents in 9/11, and $900,000 to other organizations involved with relief. When asked about it, he said, "obviously our country has changed forever, but nothing has changed more than the lives of the families of the victims of this tragedy.”

2. Jordan is the First Billionaire Athlete

Jordan is currently worth 1.39 billion dollars, according to Forbes, far and away the richest athlete in professional sports history. MJ made most of his money off his partnership with Nike and his Jordan Brand, which dominates the basketball shoe market.

Jordan's big investment was buying a majority stake in the Charlotte Hornets for $175 million. Now, that share is worth $780 million.No surprise that MJ's killer instincts translate over to business.

1. Jordan's Baseball Sabbatical May Have Been More Complicated Than It Looked

Michal Jordan was out of the NBA for exactly two years, to the day. Hmmm. When asked if he would return to professional basketball, he answered, "Five years down the road, if the urge comes back, if the Bulls will have me, if David Stern lets me back in the league, I may come back." 

Weird for him to mention David Stern in that answer...

Jordan also had been caught paying tens of thousands of dollars to known bookies, and in March of 1992, Jordan had been overheard talking about a betting line, "So you say the line is seven points."

Was Jordan secretly suspended by the league for gambling on professional games? Up to you to add it all together.