The sports world is eager to know whether or not we have our newest power couple.

Aaron Rodgers famously dated actress Olivia Munn for quite a while, but the two split up back in April. Now with the quarterback in the market for a new love, it might appear he didn't end up leaving the sporting world, as he was seen on an apparent dinner date with Danica Patrick.

While it hasn't been confirmed that the two are an item, the racing legend definitely didn't do anything to refute the possibility.

Watch as Patrick ignores the reporter's question about her possible love connection with the Packers' gunslinger.



That smile speaks louder than a yes.

Assumptions shouldn't be made about their dating life, but Patrick didn't give us any reason to believe otherwise. Reports have already stated that Rodgers has already met her parents, if you choose to read into those.

Meeting the folks, some romantic dinners, and a sheepish grin? That's got to be a recipe for something.