​Jon Gruden is hitting the ground running ​with the jokes. 

The Oakland Raiders are hosting a press conference Tuesday to introduce Gruden as their next head coach following a week of ​crazy rumors an​d reports that have officially culminated in a new era.

The team went all out with the intro for their new coach, putting together a video of his previous time as a Raiders coach and pulling out all the stops to welcome the iconic voice aboard. Gruden took the podium, thanked everyone for coming, and gave us a classic joke right off the bat. 

​​That's the stuff of true legends right there. 

Of course, he's talking about the infamous moment in his final game as the Raiders head coach in 2001. In the Divisional Round of the playoffs, Charles Woodson seemingly had a strip sack that would have sealed a victory for the Raiders. 

However, after further review, it was ruled that Tom Brady's arm was coming forward, so the pass was incomplete. Thus, the Tuck Rule, something that apparently existed at some point, was born.

​​Obviously this is Gruden just using his normal charm and charisma to kick things off with the Raiders, and we love every second of it. 

No more Tucking this time around, please.